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12 Days of Deals Extended Until The End Of Christmas Day!


Discount Automatically Applied During Checkout!

 ATTENTION:  This New Training Will Seriously Help You & Your Team Grow Exponentially! 
Ever Wanted to Go From A Steady Pace In Your Business...
to creating Massive Growth, Raising Up
rockstar leaders, and growing exponentially?!
My New Training CD's Will Help You 
Get Out Of Your Own Way, 
Raise Up New Confident Leaders &
 Create The Dream Business You Deserve!

From: Michelle Cunningham

Six-Figure Direct Sales Leader
It’s interesting that as you grow your direct sales and network marketing business, there are two things that seem to stop even the greatest reps and consultants from growing exponentially.

First Challenge:
Business Stalling Out.  

Sometimes, business stops. And you just need a simple kickstart to get back into action.  

As I was building my team and coaching my reps, I found that people would get stuck! 

They would get into their head and be unable to work their business. And it stopped them from moving to the next level. 

Interestingly, when I figured out how to coach them through those things, they were able to get out of their own way and have growth 

Second Challenge: 
New Leaders are hard to find.

It’s hard to get others to catch the vision, want to move up and have the success they dreamed about when they were new.

When someone would join my team, as a new rep, they were so excited and had so much vision and excitement. 

But, eventually it fizzled. 

And as much as they wanted to move to the next level in their business and promote themselves, they weren’t doing it. 

So, I had to change my leadership style and then, everything started to grow exponentially.
So, I put two powerful, actionable trainings for you on these two topics!  

These CD & Audio Downloads are intended to get you & your team results: 
 - Get Out Of Your Own Way & Own Your Awesome CD/Audio 
 - Raising Up New Leaders CD/Audio
Here is what you'll get:
 Get Out Of Your Own Way & Own Your Awesome CD/Audio 
The Get Out Of Your Own Way & Own Your Awesome CD is intended to be your virtual wake up call when you feel stuck. 

Pop in this audio and find the answers to what might be holding you back. 

It’s my strategies & words to overcoming every obstacle you have stirring around in your head.

It’s broken down into easy to navigate tracks that you can skip ahead to listen to your favorite topic, get a shot of motivation and get on with building your business. 

You deserve to live your dream life.

This training will also help you to tap into the minds of your team members when they feel stuck.

You’ll have answers to help them overcome the emotions that may be holding them back.
In the Get Out Of Your Own Way: Own Your Awesome CD, I cover these topics: 
  • What you need to change immediately to have success tomorrow with your business
  • ​What one thing need to do right now to start achieving results and stop procrastinating
  • ​How to handle those dream stealers that are walking around trying to crush your dream
  • ​What to do when you are too shy, too introverted or downright scared to approach new clients & recruits
  • ​How to overcome the issue of having NO TIME to grow your business - My secret answer will shock you
  • ​What your negative self-talk is doing to your brain and your business and how to fix it
  • ​Are you Mom? Do you feel guilty trying to build a business. I’ve got the perfect answer for you.
  • ​Have too many ideas? How to take those ideas and finally put them into action that produces profits.
  • ​Are you worried about being VERY successful? I have a strategy to change that thought.
  • ​Worried you are going to annoy someone as you are building your business? I share how you can overcome that thought and become more powerful, assertive and successful.
  • ​How to find strength & motivation everyday to grow your dream life with this one little hack.
  • ​How doing this ONE thing will always keep you moving towards your dream life. You deserve it.
Here is what you'll get:
 - Raising Up New Leaders CD/Audio
The Raising Up New Leaders CD is crafted as a playbook you can use to start showing up differently as a leader, so you get a NEW results. 

You know how the saying goes, “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten.” 

Here’s a chance to change the way you operate for greater results.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for that day, where your team finally gets excited, motivated and starts promoting themselves, then this training will cover what steps I took to make that happen.

Interestly, for the first 3 years as a leader, I failed at raising up new leaders. 

And then, in my fourth year, it finally exploded for me. 

I changed a lot of my actions and words and then finally we had massive growth and it was fast. 

That growth fueled my little team from just 50 reps to over 1,000.

I give you all my tips and strategies that I implemented that led to our exponential growth.
In the Raising Up Leaders training, I cover these topics:
  • What ONE thing I changed that created 5 new leaders to the top 1% of the company in one year
  • ​How to stop doing this one thing and how that will fuel growth
  • ​How to praise your people to success so they feel loved, safe & proud to recruit more reps to your team
  • ​The one thing you need to do in order to find new leaders in your organization
  • ​How to work individually with a new rep to get them to the top of the company
  • ​How to deal with adversity and personality conflicts that arise as you are building your team
  • ​How to motivate your entire team by doing this one simple thing
  • How to find your next leader - What to look for, how to test out if they have what it takes, and how to help them promote to higher levels quickly
  • ​The special actions you need to take to refill your cup so you always have energy to pour into your business & team on a daily basis
These trainings are intended to get you results in the form of faster results, greater wins & more success. 

Because let’s be honest, direct sales is so much more fun when you are highly motivated, excited and having daily wins.

And, it’s even more exciting when you have a team that is on fire, running to the top and getting insane results.

When you are winning and your team is winning, you have a feeling of euphoria and everything becomes easy.

You deserve to have growth & success in a big way! 

And sometimes, just getting one or two new little nuggets of information can change everything for your business.

This trainings are jam packed with actionable nuggets intended to get you results so you can create a life of your design. 

You deserve more time with your loved one, more freedom, more fun and more joy in the journey.
May you create the life of your dreams,
Michelle Cunningham 

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