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Michelle Cunningham
Six-Figure Direct Sales Leader
Have you ever wished for A Way To Get
HUNDREDS OF NEW CLIENTS for your business without walking up to strangers
Interestingly, just FINDING NEW LEADS Can make all the difference.
Hi, I'm Michelle Cunningham.  I'm a top direct sales leader that clearly struggled for six years, as you heard in my video above.  Ha!  

Seriously, it was a JOKE!  I felt like a joke.  But I had a dream in my heart.  A burning desire to do something BIG in this life and to make an impact in lives.  I could feel it everyday.  I knew I was meant for greatness. 

Have you ever felt that way? That you were meant for more?

I just knew that IF I could figure out how to make this industry work, I wouldn't keep it a secret.  Because I know how painful it was for me, for those six years, as I struggled to figure out how to do this business on my own.

And now that I've figured it out and it works, I want to pass it on.

Today, I've helped tens of thousands of lives in my business and through my training videos.  

And the overwhelming obstacle for all of these sellers is:  

Having NEW leads is what everyone that sells needs!  That's the secret to success in any kind of sales.  

When you are OUT of LEADS, you are OUT of BUSINESS!

My Endless Leads For Life:  Audio CD walks you through my simple system I have used to to generate leads without stalking friends and family.  Ever. 

And because I am an introvert at heart, I share my system which avoids having to walk up to strangers in public places to generate business.  That idea of talking to strangers makes my heart race!

To get access to the CD, simply scroll up and fill out the form to the right to go to the next step.  Or if you are on a phone or iPad, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Why Can't You Sell To Everyone You Know??
Let's face it, you can't get rich and build an empire from just your friends and family members. 

Eventually they will get annoyed and that will run dry.

Utilizing the simple systems within this CD, you can find NEW people who WANT to try your products and BUY from YOU! 

And in the process you'll build an incredibly lucrative business while changing lives.

Imagine learning some amazing NEW lead sources you have never tapped into for your business. 

You'll learn the AMAZINGLY MAGICAL script you can memorize to use when you meet with local business owners so you can begin to generate TONS of leads at their businesses.

You'll hear how Michelle's talks to her clients that has them handing over their friends and families names and cell phone numbers as potential new clients.

You'll also will be taken on a journey through confirming and coaching the appointment so that it ACTUALLY HOLDS! 

And, is organization not your strong suit? Well, you'll hear how to organize all these mountains of leads you will be generating.
The entire CD was designed to be fun with useful, take-action scripts for your success.   And the entire plan is SIMPLE so you can easily implement it into ANY direct sales business. 

My passion is making sure you get the RIGHT TOOLS and TRAINING to be a success.

Why, do you care so much, you ask??

Here's the truth: Lots of the training that I have attended over the years, I would sit in the audience and someone "very successful" would be in the front of the room teaching things like "You can do it!  I believe in you!  Get your mind in the game!  Be positive..."  

Now, nothing wrong with that advice, but I would sit there quietly in the audience. I'd be taking notes and waiting for the, "Okay and now we are going to share HOW to do this.."

Those were the magic steps that I NEEDED and YEARNED FOR to get this business started.

And I'd wait for the "HOW STEPS..." to be presented.

And then I'd think in my head,
"But tell me, How do I get more leads?  
What do you say to people that makes them book with you? 
Why don't your appointment cancel?
Like, What WORDS do you use??"  

And I'd wait.  With my pen ready.  

And wait.

And she went on and on about having the right mind set. 

My mind would go one hundred miles a minute wondering.  

And inevitably,  the plan was NEVER sharedThe scripts were never given. 

My cup was filled with YOU can do this, but I was left wondering, "BUT HOW?" 

I felt empty after those events. And I did that for six years. 

Rah, Rah, Rah events left me with no plan, for six years.  NOTHING.  So sad to think back to those days.  I was SO LOST for SO LONG.

I wondered if I really could do this.  Because for six years, I didn't know what they heck I was supposed to be doing.

So, I totally understand when someone says, "I just need like a plan get started to book appointments."

And I would wholeheartedly agree.  YOU DO NEED A PLAN.

I finally got my road map when I met a multi-million dollar earner in our company.  She lives just a few miles down the road from me and as luck would have it I found her ONLINE!  Total God thing.  

She even brought God into my life, but that's for another day.

And she gave me a plan, a system and the words to say to generate leads, and the rest is history.  My direct sales business and ultimately, my life was forever changed.

And in following her plan, adding some of my own unique scripts, my team began to grow that first year and I earned a car.  Because we had LEADS TO BOOK.

And then, I decided, I want to keep expanding my mind on the art of direct selling.  So I searched top leaders in direct sales and bought their CD's and I listened to them nonstop in my car.  Everywhere I went.

School is never out for the pro. 

I even found great Network Marketing E-courses and Books on Amazon, of other TOP direct sellers, and I studied them.  

I traveled across the nation by airplane to learn from top industry leaders on how to ask the best questions and how to be the best in the industry.  

I was obsessed with becoming the best.  And I still am.  I'm not stopping till I'm #1. 

And because of all that training, my business increased exponentially from the ideas I learned.  EXPONENTIALLY.  

Like from 100 team members to over 800...very rapidly.  An amazing team that sold over $3,800,000 worth of products last year alone.  

Yes, $3.8 Million in sales in one year.  

Because I learned HOW TO LEAD GENERATE and taught others how to do the same.

Was the training worth it?  Of course. 

And, to get that training, I've spent thousands of dollars.  Like upwards of $5,000 at this point.  YIKES, right?  

But, I could afford it with my direct sales profits and I've always been taught that the best way to learn is to buy from someone you admire and take all their advice and apply it.  

It's the best way to get into their brain.  So, it was money well spent to transfer their brains into mine.  And it caused the unprecedented exponential growth.  

Totally worth it.

But I realize that not everyone has a couple extra $1,000 bills lying around, especially if you are just starting out. 

So I decided to do something different with my training.  I decided to make it something within reach for ALL DIRECT SELLERS from any company.

Something inexpensive & easy to listen to in your car or on your computer.  Yet, full of valuable actionable information.

And so that's what you get with my Lead Generating Program Audio System.

Do you work a job you hate? Imagine, the ability to leave a job you hate, the office drama, the boss, the commute, the long hours, to spend time at home with the ones you love.  Would extra leads get you there?

What would that feel like for you to be home? 
Who's life would be impacted? 
What would they say to have YOU home? 
How would you feel?

Ultimately, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.   

Can't wait to see you on the next page! I have a fun message for you waiting.

Michelle Cunningham

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